Stony-Iron Meteorites/Pallasites

Stony-iron meteorites are rare. Most are recovered as larger individual specimens, which we carefully slice to enhance the beauty and aid in scientific examination. In pallasites, the thinner the slice, the more trans- parent the olivine crystals. Very thin slices are more expensive per gram, reflecting the higher cutting losses and painstaking preparation.


One complete individual of 52 grams, $500.00 Complete and partial slices available. These are thin, and show light well. This is some of the best Imilac I've ever seen. Priced at $25/gram.


LAMONT, Kansas
This classic mesosiderite was discovered in 1995.
Beautiful mesosiderite slice weighing 507 grams at $10/gram. Smaller slices also available at $20/gram (20 gram minimum).


End pieces with one polished face available in smaller sizes from 5 grams and up at $5/gm.