Stone Meteorites

We have a variety of meteorites available as complete stones, slices and end pieces with crust. Some, such as Millbillillie and Holbrook, exhibit classic, burnt fusion crust and good flight markings. Rare or exotic stone meteorites are also available in highly limited quantities.

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(H-5 Chondrite)
This large fireball was witnessed in 1994, but the actual meteorite wasn't recovered until late 1996. Fragments show highly visible metal grains.
Polished slices AT $1/gram from 50 grams and up.

GAO, Burkina Faso, West Africa
(H-5 Chondrite)
This stone meteorite was seen to fall on March 5, 1960. Many of the pieces originally recovered crashed through the roofs of native huts. Initially, 16 pieces were found. Lately, enterprising locals have taken to searching the fields during the winter months when grasses are low, and several hundred more stones have been recovered. Total recovered weight amounts to over 500 kilos.
Complete stones 200-500 grams. Also polished slices and end-pieces. All at $2/gram. Smaller complete stones 20, 21, 24, 25 grams at $4/gram.

Gold Basin, Arizona (L4) A recent discovery in the Arizona desert. Polished end-pieces of this chondrite from 50-150 grams at $1/gram.
Forrest B, Australia (L6) Smaller polished fragments of this weathered find show metal grains. From $10-20 each.
(Bronzite Chondrite)
One large complete slice, polished to show nice metal grains.
3700+ grams at $1/gram.

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(H-5 Chondrite)
The newest recovered stone meteorite, a witnessed fall on Feb. 15, 1997 (formerly known as Heze). We have an assortment of complete stones and end-pieces from 20-80 grams at $5/gram.

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(H-5 Chondrite)
Assorted complete stones & polished end-pieces from 10-47 grams available at $6/gram.

CHONDRITES: Carbonaceous

(Carbonaceous [CV3])
Complete Stone with blue/black fusion crust and thumbprinting. The best speciman available.
 4.8 Kg, $20,000

MURCHISON, Australia
(Carbonaceous [CM2])
Complete stone, 100% perfect! Unusual rim ring of fusion crust. Fantastic specimen weighing 80 grams. $8,500.
Smaller 10 gram fragment with crust @ $100/gram.

ACHONDRITES: No visible chondrules

ZAGAMI, Nigeria
(Ca-rich shergottite)
All the scientific evidence to date points to the SNC suite of meteorites as originating from the planet Mars!! (See story on page 29 of the Field guide)
Zagami is available in limited quantities at $2000/gm. Minimum order: $500. Only four fragments available - call for sizes.

(Ca-rich eucrite)
Select specimens, nice fusion crust, some with flow lines. Complete stones 25-70 grams at $20/gram.

Meteorite collectors have recently recovered several kilos of this Ca-poor diogenite. Complete fragments from 3 to 21 grams at $40/gm.

This meteorite was a witnessed fall on August 2, 1946. Aubrites are among the rarest of achondrites.
One half complete slice with large (70x90mm) enstatite crystal weighing 891 grams for $30/gram. Smaller slices also available for $40/gram.